To configure VPN connection using OpenVPN protocol on Mac OS we recommend using Tunnelblick OpenVPN Client.

Step 1

Download Tunnelblick from here:

Step 2

Install Tunnelblick using step-by-step visual guide:

Step 3

Probably you will see notification which you can ignore and click on the Open button:

After installation will be successfully completed you you should click on Launch Tunnelblick.

Important: Tunnelblick requires .tblk files!

Current Tunnelblick versions require you to convert *.ovpn (OpenVPN configuration files) into *.tblk (Tunnelblick configuration files) manually. Please follow steps below where will be described how to do it:

Step 4

Download archive from with configuration files. Create empty folder and name it as you wish (in our case “Sample Tunnelblick VPN Configuration”). Open archive with OpenVPN configuration files:

Step 5

To create on one Tunneblick configuration file you should copy 4 files from archive downloaded from the site and paste them into empty folder created on previous step. These 4 files:

  • One OpenVPN configuration file with definition *.ovpn;
  • ca.crt
  • user.crt
  • user.key
  • Last 3 files should be same each time when you will be creating new Tunnelblick configuration files. Only first one will be changed (depends on which server you wish to choose for VPN connection).

    Step 6

    Paste 4 files chosen on the previous step into empty folder:

    Step 7

    Rename folder which contain now 5 files pasted into it on previous step by adding “.tblk” to the name. After this you will see next window where you should click on Add:

    Step 8

    Once double-clicked, the folder "Canada Toronto LOC1S2.tblk", Tunnelblick may ask you:

  • if you want to install the configuration for all or just the current logged in MacOSX user
  • If other user accounts don't need to use the VPN, select "Only Me", otherwise "All Users"
  • to enter your MacOSX administrator password

  • Finally, Tunnelblick should show you a confirmation window, telling you that the VPN configuration was installed successfully. Now it's time to test the VPN.

    Step 8

    If the Tunnelblick icon (the black gate icon) is not visible on your menu bar yet, launch Tunnelblick from ‘Applications’ and click on the Tunnelblick icon on the top right. A dropdown-list will appear where you can see installed VPN configuration. Click the imported VPN configuration to establish connection with VPN Server.

    Step 9

    Tunnelblick should now ask you for your VPN credentials. Enter your ShadeYou VPN account username and your main password.

    If the connection attempt was successful, the little Tunnelblick gate-icon should now look enlightened and open.