After login into router Web interface we see main configuration page

Here go to menu VPN Tunneling -> Client

We can configure two clients. Chose first and begin

On Basic tab input configurations like on the screen and insert IP from available list

Go to Advansed tab and set configurations like on the screen

Main part are

remote-cert-tls server
redirect-gateway def1

Next Keys tab

For filling those fields we need configuration file from private area on our site

Download, extract and find 3 files with keys

In textarea we need to put content between -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- и -----END CERTIFICATE----- lines including this lines

Here 3 files

- Certificate Authority (from file ca.crt)
- Client Certificate (from file user.crt)
- Client Key (from file user.key)

After filling click on the Save button in the end of page and click Start Now

After configuration, applying and start client in Status tab we can see detailed information