To configure the VPN connection for iPhone, iPad, iPod using OpenVPN protocol, you need the following:

  • device with the operating system iOS 5 and above;
  • program "OpenVPN connect";
  • iTunes for iOS devices;
  • ShadeYouVPN configuration file which you can download here:

  • Ste1 1

    Visit AppStore and look there for programm "OpenVPN Connect". Then download and install it on your device:

    Step 2

    Next you need to connect your device to your PC and open it via iTunes. Next, open the section "Device", go to "Programs" tab, then to subsection "Shared Files", select there OpenVPN program and click "Add" button:

    Step 3

    Then you should to select and add all the configuration files which was downloaded earlier:

    Step 4

    Run OpenVPN after downloading configuration files on your device. If you did everything correctly, you will see the message "New profiles are available" on the screen. Below are details of the created VPN connection. Press the green plus icon, thereby maintaining a new connection:

    While turning on your iphone first it will ask you whether to allow the program to use OpenVPN VPN-adapter device on which you have to answer "YES".

    Step 5

    Below is a button to connect to the VPN. If connection complete successfuly you will see the icon which displayed VPN on the top of iOS device. In the application will display the name of the connection, status of the connection to your server (connected / disconnected), the icon "Enable" / "Disable" VPN channel and other details of the connection (session duration, the amount of transmitted packets, etc.):