Log in to the WEB panel of router

On the Setup - Basic Setup tab finde Time Settings and enter the following parameters:
NTP Client : Enabled
Time Zone : select the time zone of your country (city)
Server IP / Name : pool.ntp.org

Click the Services - VPN tab

For the PPTP configuration you need to put the point opposite the Enable PPTP Client entry and enter the following settings:

Server IP or DNS Name : Enter the server IP address.
MPPE Encryption : mppe required
Username : enter the username you used when registering
Password : enter the password

Log in to the site then download and unzip the configuration files

Note: some servers use 4k keys and certificates. For that firmware we recommend you connect to servers which do not use 4k certificates. What keys and certificates the server uses can be found in the configuration file (for example ShadeYouVPN.com Germany-3 Frankfurt UDP-53.ovpn use ca.crt, user.crt and user.key that is certs and key 2k). Configuration file you can open in any text editor.


To configure the OpenVPN Client you need to put a point in front of the Enable OpenVPN Client and enter the following settings:

Server IP / Name : enter the server IP address
Port : enter the port which you want use to connect ( the available ports of our servers TCP-443, UDP - 53 or 25000 )
Tunnel Protocol : UDP or TCP depends on the port Encryption Cipher : AES-256-CBC
Hash Algorithm : SHA1 Advanced Options : Enabled TLS Cipher : TLS-RSA-WITH- AES-128-CBC-SHA
LZO Compression : depends on the server configuration. We recommend you open the configuration file for the required server using WordPad or another text editor. If file have not LZO Compression line, set to Disabled. If file have not LZO Compression line and value Yes, set LZO Compression Yes
NAT : Enable
Check the box next to nsCertType verification

In Additional Config copy the following lines:

remote-cert-tls server
redirect-gateway def1

In the previously downloaded and unpacked configuration files you need 3 files with keys. In the appropriate fields you need to insert only the text between the lines ----- BEGIN CERTIFICATE ----- and ----- END CERTIFICATE ----- including these lines

- CA Cert (from the ca.crt file)
- Public Client Cert (from the user.crt )
- Private Client Key (from the user.key file)

Click Save and Apply Settings.

The log of connection and status you find in Status - OpenVPN .

Note: all available IP addresses you can find here