1. To configure the VPN client Ubuntu need to register and login. Then go to the information panel and download configuration files.

4. Unzip the configuration files for VPN client linux.

5. Click "Search your computer and online sources" in the search bar write "Terminal". Run the "Terminal".

6. To install the software on behalf of «root» user, in the terminal you must enter the command "sudo -i".

7. Install the VPN client Linux. Type the command "apt-get install openvpn" and press Enter.

8. In the folder with configuration files, select connection. On our VPN service available connections: Russian server (TCP-443, UDP-25000, UDP-53) Ukrainian server (TCP-443, UDP-25000). Type the command «openvpn --config "ShadeYou.ru Russia TCP-443.ovpn"» for connect to server.

9. The client will report a successful connection.