To configure connection please register or login into your account and download configuration file (zip archive) from, button "Download Configuration File" in the left upper corner of the site. Then place current file in any location you wish but remember that configuration files should stay there all time. Otherwise connection will not be working. After downloading configuration file you should extract everything from archive. See example on the screen:

Now you should install program network-manager-openvpn-gnome. If you don't know how to do it using terminal you can use such simple method as installation via "Ubuntu Software Center". Please run "Ubuntu Software Center" and enter in field for search "network-manager-openvpn-gnome". Then install it by clicking on button Install.

Then please enter your system password.

After installation of Network Manager OpenVPN click on the icon of connection manager. Choose VPN Connections, then Configure VPN.

Click on the button Add.

Click on Ethernet.

Then select from list "Import a saved VPN configurations"

Press on button Create and choose place where you saved and extract configuration files from

Then you will see window with a list of files. Each file means configurations for separate server from our VPN network. Please choose server for which you wish to connect. In example we choosed Russia UDP server, port 25000.

Done. Close a window.
Now open Connections Manager again. Then choose VPN Connections and after this Choose on the name of VPN connection which you just configured. Connection will be the established in few moments.

On the icon of Connections Manager you will see little lock (like you see it on screen in example) which means that your connection is protected.