A new survey from Irdeto states that one third of US citizens in their adulthood stream pirated movies and TV shows. This is not withstanding directives against it, many pirates are still determined to continue the practice.

Piracy is still common despite the availability of many legal services against it.

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Irdeto, an anti-piracy firm, which works for popular clients including Twentieth Century Fox and Starz made this conclusion after a research it recently carried out.

The company conducted this research through YouGov, having done a representative survey of over 1000 respondents which found that 32% US adults admitted to streaming or downloading pirated video content.

They admitted to watching a wide range of video contents, with TV shows and movies sharing the top 24% each while the remaining percentage was shared by older movies, live sports and Netflix originals.

Many of them believe they are doing nothing wrong even though close to 69% of them are aware that Piracy is illegal.

These pirates are not even bothered by the fact that major copyright holders are affected by massive revenue losses due to their pirating activities. 39% of them declared that these losses have no relationship with their downloading activities.

Irdeto’s Vice President of Business Development and Sales, Lawrence Low stated that piracy does more than just financial damage. It reduces the resource content creators need to develop new ones and this leads to fewer choices.

He adds, “It is becoming increasingly important for operators and movie studios to educate consumers on the tactics employed by pirates and to further promote innovative offerings that allow consumers to legally acquire content”.

This is not a new development as different copyright groups have focused their attention on legal services and even responding to pirates directly with educational copyright alerts over the years.

As it is, this has not solved the problem. Piracy remains the rave especially among youths. A similar study in the past showed that more than two-thirds of a 1000 confessed to having downloaded or streamed adulterated video content.