So many companies operating in up to 100 countries suffered a coordinated cyber-attack which was purported to have been launched by a group of hackers from a western country. This incident affected a lot of networks and computers and came in the form of malicious attachments bearing fake receipts, job offers, personal details and security alerts.

More than 100 Countries Suffer Cyber Attacks from Hackers

Once this attachments are clicked, the malware becomes activated and encrypts all data on the subject’s computer. These hackers are said to be demanding payment in bitcoin in exchange for a decrypting key which will restore the hacks.

According to reports from our sources at Cybersecurity Insiders, the hackers exploited hacking tools from the US National Security Agency to achieve this feat and evidence of this is through the weakpoints in cyber security that the NSA revealed early this year in February.

However, a totally different story emerged from the BBC that the hackers exploited a vulnerability in older windows operating systems like Windows XP, 7,8 and Vista which led to the massive hacks of many companies including Britain’s NHS which was the most hit in this attack.

Companies affected in this cyberware attack includes Airlines in France, the U.S’ Fedex, Spain’s Telefonica, Russia’s Interior Ministry, India’s financial institution SBI, Britain’s NHS among others.

When incidents like this, Russia is usually suspected because of their state-funded hacking group – Fancy Bear, but this time around, companies in the country revealed they were also affected by this latest attack. More information on this will be revealed soon enough.