User may order a service online on the site after choosing pricing plan and payment method. After active period of paid account has been left user can renew it by choosing most suitable pricing plan and payment method manually. Also our service offer subscription for such payment methods as credit cards Visa / MasterCard or PayPal. To activate subcription User have to tick the option "Make a regular payment" in process of order.

In case you have tick an option "Make a regular payment" - next payment will be processed automatically. Frequency of automatic payment determined by chosen pricing plan. Amount and payment method of subscription remain constant from the moment when subscription was made.



We strongly recommend to test our service using trial period before buying.

We offer an opportunity of moneyback during the first 7 days from the moment  account has been purchased via one-time payment as well as a regular. Due to the fact that we also offer 24-hours trial to test the service we consider a reasons of request carefully. Moneyback can be completed if you can not to use the ShadeYou VPN service due to our fault and we are not able to resolve the issue. Request for refund can be declined if user is refusing to contribute in resolving issue, providing the requested technical information related with ShadeYou VPN Service.

Procedure of refund takes place in several steps:

  • Customer need contact our support and send the following information:
    - E-mail, which was used while ordering service;
    - The date of making the payment and plan which was Customer choosed;
    - Transaction number;
    - The reason why our service do not suit Customer. Important! The reason should be described in details and must be specific.
  • After receiving information from Customer, the department which work with clients will analyze the request for a refund, then get back to you during 24 hours .
  • If our answer will be positive, the refund will be processed by us to the payment instrument that you used to pay. If the refund using the current payment instrument will be impossible, the support team will inform you about this and after agreement with you will select another payment instrument using which we can make a refund for customer.